Meet the Teacher Night


Meet the Teacher night happened this past Tuesday. Parents get the opportunity to go and meet the teachers that their students have this year. This also give an opportunity for the teachers to tell the parents what is expected out of their students this year in case they might want to drop. Parents go from class to class, following their students schedules as they would throughout the day. This can give parents to opportunity to ask teachers questions and form an impression about them. The teacher, once the “period” has started, will talk to the parents about the course and what teachers expect out of their students. They will also talk about their assessments and homework they will give out throughout the course of the year and how their students should plan for their class. This also allows parents to learn what their students are learning and going through. Parents are allowed to ask questions about what the expectations are for the class and what their children should be doing in the class. After it is over, parents are allowed to go introduce themselves to the teacher. Meet the Teacher is a great opportunity that anyone can learn from. Overall this night is a great way for parents to learn about the courses and identify where their children are learning from.