HPHS Choir Concert Recap


Olivia Cole, Videographer

On Wednesday October 11th, the Highland Park HS choir had their annual fall concert. There are 5 choirs at Highland Park. There’s concert women and concert men which are the beginning choirs comprised of mostly freshman and sophomores. The next level above that is the women’s select choir which is mostly sophomores and juniors. Above that is the largest choir, lads and lassies. This choir consists of both boys and girls and is by far the largest group that we have. The last group is park version. Park version is comprised of a small group of extremely talented singers. They sing a capella songs and always put on an amazing performance filled with emotion and fun. All of the choirs did amazing at the concert last week and are currently about to start working on the music for their christmas concert. The christmas concert is going to be filled with lots of fun holiday music and is definitely a show you won’t want to miss.