The Grudges and Hopes for 2018


Although the mainstream media has seemingly reported a resoundingly negative tone throughout 2017, it was a year that will go down for many as one of the brightest and most prosperous. In Luke Sipton’s wise words, he says he “has seen one’s view of a year as good or bad through one’s mood and perception of their own situation.” This could not be more apparent in the seemingly riveting nature of 2017. Women are now able to drive in Saudi Arabia, the US economy has grown 2.3%, Harvey Weinstein has been exposed for his numerous sexual assaults, and more.Through all of this good, one might ask what might one want to happen in the new year. Sipton puts it simply,“I want the memes to get a lot better.” Meme definitely could use an uptick in our modern internet community. With the topic of the future in hand, one also might ask what movies should the world look forward to. In Owen Dunston’s tasteful sentence composition,“I’m pretty excited for the Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War.” Marvel movies are definitely seemingly dominating in our culture today. But with the future, one should never forget the past, but what if one could go back in time and change an aspect of one’s life? Dunston humbly desires,“to study more. I didn’t really get good grades last year and I know I could have done better.” He is definitely one of many who feel this way. But in our mistakes, we learn the information to apply in the future in order to be better and make better decisions. Despite what the media might say, I say keep a clear goal on what you want to do, mend the relationships that can be mended, and know that this life is short and you only get one.