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Jack Zurawel

Jack Zurawel, Producer

My name is Jack Zurawel. I am a junior at highland park high school. I have been working in the studies of film production for 4 years now. Cinematography and Film production is something I would like to major in when I go to college. Advanced Broadcasting is very important to me because it gives me opportunities to produce something great! I have lived in Highland Park for 8 years now and have loved and hated every day of it.

I am also a year 3 gymnast for HP. Along with film production gymnastics is my life. In the mornings I am in the studio editing working with my team and in the afternoons I’m in the gym practicing for our season.

A very important key element to my everyday life is music. I have a very very large appreciation for all types of music. I really like classic hip hop. It's like auditorial storytelling in the form of rhythm.

Mr. Vasquez is my sensei and the studio is my dojo.

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September 25, 2017
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