Kevin Allen

Kevin Allen, Videographer

Hi I’m John Allen I’m 15 years old and a Freshman. I take two PAP classes which are World Geo and English. History is my favorite subject in school although there won’t be too much history this year. I play football and lacrosse. I play inside linebacker for football and goalie for lacrosse. Although lacrosse is my favorite sport I love football and always work hard at both sports. I would consider myself funny, hard working, social, and nice. I try to be nice to everyone I meet and come across cause you never know what someones really going through behind the scenes. I’m excited to be in Audio Video Production this year because I haven’t done a technology class and I’m looking forward to trying something new and working on a computer and with technological stuff instead of paper and a pencil. I’ve always enjoyed using technology too. I use it everyday so I will also get to learn about it more and become more familiar with it.

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HP Clay Target Team

January 28, 2021
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