Luke Schneider

Luke Schneider, Producer

Hey, I'm Luke Schneider, a senior at Highland Park high school and 18 years old. I’m an Eagle Scout and involved in the bass team at Highland Park. I enjoy spending time with my friends out at my ranch, hunting, fishing and spending time outdoors. I’m the owner and founder of Ogen water filtration and have received two grants for the business. My favorite sport to watch is football or hockey, and my favorite sport to play is baseball. I love to spend time with my dogs, I have a mutt from the dominoc republic, a golden retriever and a toy poodle. I enjoy sitting down and playing call of duty for days on end without sunlight or nutrition. I like to hang with my friends and come up with crazy fun games that we play for days on end. My favorite color is blue, I have a great personality so I think and most of the time I talk way too much.

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HP Morning Show Ep 3

November 20, 2020
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