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Ross Welch

Ross Welch, Videographer

Hi my name is Ross C. Welch, my middle name is Charles, Charles was my great grandfather. My hobbies include: drums, hanging out with friends, skating and audio visual production. Recently I have been more invested in audio visual production or AV for short. If you aren’t familiar with it, AV is anything to do with filming and editing. For example, In the AV class that 

I am taking, we are working on a project where you capture cool shots of an item of your choice and edit it all together to make a short movie promoting whatever it is you chose. I am enjoying it because I am able to incorporate one of my favorite hobbies, skating. That is probably my favorite thing about AV, you can really just through in anything you want, sky's the limit. The project is going very well and I have learned a lot of skills that I will incorporate in personal projects. Some personal projects I have worked on include short movies, skate edits, and music videos. I really enjoy making music videos. I may consider that as a career path, music video directing, or just regular directing. When I’m in Hollywood, be sure to check out one of my movies.

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