Samara Usamani-Smith

Samara Usamani-Smith, Senior Producer

My name is Samara and I have lived in many different places before coming to Dallas and settling here. I was born in Georgia but have lived in Orlando, Miami, California, and then here. I love reading webcomics because they are more engaging to me than books and are really interesting. I also like to skateboard, drink coffee, make jewelry, and wear fuzzy socks. I prefer to do things that help me bring out my creative side and that is why I have really thought of AV as being a good career choice. I got interested in AV while looking at the credits after a movie and being mesmerized by how many different aspects and jobs came together to make a movie. I really wanted to be a part of the movie or video industry because it interests me and I think it would be really cool to know that your hard work has gone into creating a piece of art.

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