Francis the Legend


This year I got a car, a Silver Toyota Camry, by the name of Francis. Francis is a very cool car, with a good interior for hanging with the boiz. Francis loves to play sweet jams, like the Fortnite Default dance emote. The car has a backup camera, a big trunk, and seats that go all the way for chilling. Overall, the car has a lot of good features, and I got it for a fair price. Francis had some names it had to go against before it was decided on, like the dabmobile, the swagmobile, Janis Tonya, and Silas Jr. It can seat four whole passengers, five if they are small,  and has an aux and usb cable for charging and your phone. It has a center console, two cup holders for some dr. pepper, and it is very reliable. It gets good mileage, and is gas efficient. It also has bluetooth so you can make important business calls all from the leisure of your seat. Overall, I rate this car 15/10 stars, and recommend for anyone who wants to get a new car. I love this car! Francis is the best ever!