Scotty Sports Network Mishap


Matthew Hurt, Videographer

On Tuesday, May 1st, during the 1st period at HPHS in Dallas Texas, the Advanced Broadcast Journalism class of 2017-2018 aired the 5th episode of Scotty Sports Network with the hosts Cole Pettjohn and Patrick Shearer. After a few short minutes of discussion about the sporting events of that week, the team cut to a commercial break. However, there was a malfunction in the attention of the team in the control room, and there was a cut to the team during the commercial break. During this, we can see Patrick getting excited about the music from the commercial, and he begins dancing, unknown that he is being broadcasted live to the entire school. He begins dancing for a few seconds, without realizing that he is broadcasted, and when he views the broadcast later, he becomes ashamed, but as one needs to know about the internet, almost everything is permanent, and this memory is forever embedded in the broadcast class of 2017-2018. A few people in the class are attempting to make it a meme, and we are attempting to spread the influence in hopes that the community will embrace it.