Friday Night Lights


I attended the first home Highland Park Football game and it was absolutely ecstatic. The stadium was filled to the maximum and concessions were booming. A lot of people arrived early whether or not they showed up to the banquet, and kids were running everywhere. Even on the way, there were people watching the preparation/game from the gate where the front ensemble were practicing. People, young and old, showed up. The concession stands didn’t really have a break, it swarming 24/7. The band, cheerleaders, bells, guard were excited. The band kids were playing to their contents, booming loud. At half time, the opposing team’s show was performed with tack-like platforms. Highland Park’s half time performance consisted of wedding costumes, music, and staging. The bells danced to a really pop cultured song. The cheerleaders didn’t really have a break and had to constantly wave their pom poms around. Highland Park won. Around 3rd quarter, students began leaving to go to the Howdy Dance. Once the game was over, the streets were flooded with kids lining up at the Student Entrance to get into the school.