The Jaguars Fight Back


On Friday December 1st, The Highland Park Scots played the Mansfield Summit Jaguars at the SMU Ford stadium to compete for the Regional Semifinal Playoffs. The game seemed somewhat even at first, with both teams scoring, while some unsportsmanlike conduct resulted in negative reactions from the HP audience. Quarterback John Stephen Jones was hit in the head, which made people think he had a concussion. He ended up being OK, thankfully. A new sophomore quarterback was subbed in and he played well, making HP happy to have another great quarterback. Receiver Cade Saustad was pushed into a brick wall when he made a touchdown which made him bleed and made the audience very unhappy. Despite all of these unfortunate occurrences and unsportsmanlike conduct, the Scots still managed to overcome Mansfield in the end with a score of 52 to 20. They will play Lake Ridge on Friday, December 8th at 7:30 P.M. in the AT&T Stadium.