Hi-Lites: Highlight of the Year


Hi-Lites is coming up, and it is shaping to be a good one. This is the second Hi-lites of the school year, but the first one in 2018. Last Hi-lites was a jungle theme, and this one, while still not been announced yet, according to the vice president of the Hi-Lites committee, Emily Oden, this dance’s theme had “a lot to do with pairs. It will be really fun to match your date’s costume.” So I think that sounds like a lot of

fun. The people on the

committee make sure the dance is fun and includes the entire school. It is a very cool experience. Hi-Lites is a bit different from a regular dance though, being that it is a girls ask guys dance. This changes things up a bit, especially since all

the dances are not back to back. I think that dances like Hi-Lites are a great way to go and have fun with your friend

s and escape the pressures of everyday life. I also think it is fun and different from a dance like homecoming or prom because it is a costume party and the whole “date” thing isn’t as big a deal than in the other two. It is meant for people to have fun, to relax, and be w

ith friends

. If you still don’t think it would be that fun, listen to what some other people are saying about the dance. As sophomore Kate Corey says, “I would recommend people to go to hilites because it’s really fun and part of the highschool experience.” This is a great way to sum up what Hi-Lites is all about. So I hope you can make it out to the dance, taking place at the school on January 27th. It will be a great night and I hope to see you there!