Top Movies of 2017


During from a restful Christmas break, students had the opportunity to watch movies in different theaters across Dallas. Many recent movies have made groundbreaking history and have been successful in surprising ways. Star Wars: The Last Jedi made more than $1.7 billion in the box office. Pitch Perfect 3 opened with $2.1 million on opening night. Coco won the best animated motion picture at the Golden Globes, which was hosted on January 7th. One popular movie is The Greatest Showman. In the first 6 days of opening, the movie earned $19 million. The following three days it earned $15.2 million. One of the musical’s many songs, “This is Me,” won the award for best original song at the Golden Globes. Hugh Jackman was also nominated for best performance for an actor. Many people at Highland Park High School have gone to see this movie two or even three times. Christi Krikorian, a senior, is one of many to see the movie multiple times. According to Krikorian, the movie is about “the life of this guy named P.T. Barnum and how he created the circus and the struggles that he had while making it.” She said that “this [is] a very well made movie” and would not have changed anything about it. She liked how the movie “was very uplifting and happy.” Another film that has been popular is Jumanji, which made $7.5 million on opening night. Maggie Tyler, a junior, explains how the new movie “was a remake of the old movie, but it had a twist so instead of a board game, it was a video game.” Overall, it’s had positive reviews, and Tyler thought “that the movie was very well done.” It’s fun to watch movies during the winter break and see the awards they receive after.