New Year, Same Sports?


Matthew Hurt, Producer

Sports are a continuous and well respected tradition throughout the world, no less at Highland Park. We represent all of our teams every day, especially on the announcements and at pep rallies. Two students at our school were asked about the upcoming year, and here’s how they responded to different questions. Senior Spencer Landwehr (State Champion!) was asked: “How do you think the Dallas Cowboys could change this year?” Landwehr responded by saying they need to “focus the draft on defense, and consider a good backup quarterback for Dak Prescott.” Senior Jack Hurt (Also State Champion!) responded by saying that “They should fire the head coach, Jason Garrett.” Hurt responded to the question “Do you know of any significant changes to sports that could impact the play of the game?” with “Celebration in the NFL. Players can express themselves more after every play, and it could get the crowd more engaged.” Landwehr responded to the same question by saying “I would say that concussion protocol in all sports has been a big new thing that has impacted players’ availability.” A question more related to our school was “Do you have any opinions on the upcoming grade of our football team for the 2018-2019 year?” Landwehr says “I think it will be hard to surpass the last two years, but the Scots will be excellent and I expect them to win District.” Hurt responded with “Back to Back to Back!” In other sports news, they were asked “Who are some new/upcoming players for 2018 in your favorite sports?” Landwehr responded that “Justin Thomas in golf is an excellent compliment to Jordan Spieth.” Hurt responded that “Dennis Smith, on the Mavericks is a new player that should become very popular this year.” Finally, the two were asked: “What sport do you think could become more popular this year and why?” Hurt responded with “ESports, because more people are getting interested in it and it’s easy for everyone to watch.” On the other hand, Landwehr says “I think lacrosse will become more popular because I think it is a good combination of a lot of different sports that kids enjoy.” We will have an excellent 2018-2019 year! Go Scots!