Samuel Lawrence

Samuel Lawrence, Videographer

Hi my name is Sam Lawrence. I play the trumpet at HPHS and I am very interested in filming and editing videos. I make videos on youtube about video games and I live stream video games on my twitch channel. I like streaming because it allows me to be creative, and interact with my friends while I play a video game. I do speedruns on my streams which is trying to beat a video game as fast as possible. I have a pet snake and two black labs. My favorite school subject is math but i also like science.My favorite video game is an indie game called OneShot. I am on the HP clay target team and I like that because it is very fun how it simulates bird hunting and gets very competitive. I love watching tv shows, some of my favorites include, gravity falls, attack on titan, and Death note. I love the community as HPHS and can’t wait to make videos through audio and video class.

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Blue and Gold Swim Meet

October 30, 2020
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