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Shirley Sauber

Shirley Sauber, Reporter, Editor

I am a reporter and editor for the HPNow. I'm constantly on the look out for relevant stories to provide the show with the best content. From editing sports highlight videos, to PSA's, to social media management, when it comes to my work, I ensure the upmost production and quality. 

Video production allows me to blend my passion for storytelling with social clauses and sports. Capturing the exciting, exhilarating moments in sports and shaping them into compelling highlights allows my unique vision to be shared with the world. Putting together educational, informative PSA's with deeper meanings can contribute to society, the way in which they are created have a lasting impact on somebody's memory. I seek to evoke emotional reactions out of people and I believe that producing film has this ability that simple words cannot dream of capturing.

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Jesuit Hype Video 2023

Shirley Sauber, Samuel Lawrence, and John McCallum
September 29, 2023
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